"Fathi" chaired a significant meeting at United Nations General Assembly for UN-Habitat in Nairobi

June 2023 

In a crucial recommendation concerning World Cleanup Day...

"Fathi" chaired a significant meeting at the United Nations General Assembly for UN-Habitat in Nairobi, attended by high-level delegates.

The session proved fruitful, engaging in discussions on a range of critical issues pertaining to waste management and global advancements in this domain.

🛑During the opening segment, the Deputy Minister of Environment in Estonia emphasized the paramount importance of mutual sectoral cooperation and its pivotal role in finding effective solutions to waste management challenges.

🛑Subsequently, a 45-minute discussion session ensued, covering the following key points:

• Shedding light on the intricate nature of waste management and its interconnections with various global challenges, in order to underscore the multifaceted dimensions of this predicament.

• Underscoring the significant contribution of World Cleanup Day in mitigating waste pollution and its positive influence in inspiring widespread participation of individuals, organizations, and communities in cleansing their surroundings and preserving the environment.

• Exploring essential measures required to enable cities to implement efficient waste management systems, alongside the exchange of successful experiences and best practices in this field.

• Delving into the ways in which innovation can leverage circular economy approaches, with an emphasis on the adoption of novel methodologies and sustainable solutions for waste disposal and recycling.

• Discussing strategies for civil society organizations and government bodies that organize cleanup campaigns to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing, and outlining actionable steps that these entities can undertake.

• Emphasizing the need for transparency in work and the tangible documentation of cleanup efforts, ensuring accountability and trustworthiness.

• Highlighting the significance of independent monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure that companies and industrial partners supporting cleanup campaigns adhere to sustainable practices and genuine environmental commitments.

🛑As the meeting drew to a close, a momentous outcome was achieved:

"A recommendation was put forth to formally include World Cleanup Day as an official day within the United Nations official calendar."

This recommendation underscores the paramount importance and global value of this event in addressing waste pollution, promoting environmental consciousness, and fostering sustainable practices. Implementing this decision reflects the United Nations' steadfast commitment to collaborative endeavors aimed at achieving sustainable development goals pertaining to the environment, health, and overall sustainability