The Minister of Planning and Economic Development meets PACJA representatives

The Minister of Planning and Economic Development meets PACJA representatives
 Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, met with a delegation of representatives of the African Climate Alliance, which represents a gathering of African civil society organizations concerned with climate change issues, which included Augustine N'Djamenchi, Director of Policy and Technical Affairs of the Alliance, and Fathia Abdel Majid, Financial Director and Member of the Executive Secretariat and Ahmed Fathi, the coalition's national coordinator.
During the meeting, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed stressed the importance of Egypt's hosting of the next Conference of Parties to the Climate Change Convention COP 27, noting Egypt's preparations to host the conference through the formation of a higher committee headed by His Excellency the Prime Minister, with the membership of the relevant ministries.
Al-Saeed also reviewed the efforts of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development to include the issues of sustainability and confronting the phenomenon of climate change in national plans and strategies, foremost of which is updating the sustainable development strategy "Egypt Vision 2030", applying environmental sustainability standards, and increasing the percentage of green projects to 30% of the investment plan during the fiscal year She pointed to the national strategies on climate change, green hydrogen, renewable energy, water resources management, launching green bonds, and others.
For his part, Agustin Njamenchi indicated that the meeting in Cairo is a first step in preparing African civil society organizations to participate in the Conference of Parties in Sharm El-Sheikh next year, explaining that Egypt will chair this conference on behalf of the African continent, and therefore they rely on the Egyptian presidency of the conference. To come up with recommendations that contribute to preserving the interests of the African continent and achieving its aspirations, given that the African continent is one of the continents most affected by the consequences of climate change despite its limited contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, stressing the importance of achieving integration in positions between African governments and civil society organizations on the continent.
Fathia Abdel Majid, the financial director of the coalition, explained the capacity-building programs for African civil society that are implemented by the coalition, especially the "Climate School", which is held annually in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, in partnership with Kenyatta University, Kenya, where the secretariat of the coalition is studying the establishment of the next session of that school. In Egypt, with the participation of representatives from different countries of the world, especially from African countries.
Ahmed Fathy, National Coordinator of the African Climate Change Alliance, added that the Egyptian federation for Climate Change, was launched with the participation of 26 Egyptian civil society associations and institutions. During the conferences of the parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, and capacity-building to adapt to climate changes, he also addressed a number of initiatives and projects being implemented in this framework, such as the Climate Pioneers Project, the Nile Tree, and the “Green Churches” initiative with the support of His Holiness Pope Tawadros, in A framework for building on the outcomes of the previous Conference of Parties in Glasgow, and preparing for the next conference in Sharm El-Sheikh.