"Youth Love Egypt" Foundation participates in sustainable cities month in French Cultural Institute

"Youth Love Egypt" Foundation participates in sustainable cities month with the French Cultural Institute

Mr. Ahmed Fathy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Youth Love Egypt Foundation, participated in the activities of the month of sustainable development organized by the French Cultural Institute through a pavilion dedicated to the Foundation at the venue of the events. During his speech at the opening session, he explained that the “Youth Love Egypt” Foundation has been working since 2011 in areas of environment and climate.

Fathy said that the Foundation is currently preparing for the COP 27 climate summit and its consequent projects, reviewing the activities and events of the Foundation that have been organized since its participation in the 26th Glasgow Summit, including the launch of the first Egyptian union specialized in the field of climate change in Egypt, with the participation of 26 associations of civil society organization , pointing out that the Foundation contributed through its initiatives to rehabilitating and building the capacities of these associations to become one of the active civil society institutions.

Fathy pointed out that the Foundation is the official representative of the African Climate Justice Alliance in Egypt, which is considered the largest climate alliance in Africa and is present in 42 countries and with more than 1,500 organizations, in addition to launching several purposeful community initiatives such as the Green Churches Initiative in partnership with Pope Tawadros to provide trainings For the priests in the cathedral, the initiative became a competition held in churches with financial rewards, in addition to the "Nile Tree" initiative, through which more than 10,000 trees were planted .

At the conclusion of his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the “Youth Loves Egypt” Foundation announced the launch of the activities of the Climate Justice Summer School within the activities of the Climate Alliance, which are implemented annually and are held in Nairobi, Kenya, with the participation of 250 people worldwide, and will be held in Egypt for the first time in the second half of the year This year 2022, with the participation of 150 young people from Egypt and African countries, thanking the French Cultural Center, the main partner of the Foundation in the Climate Pioneers  project.

Many participants in the activities of the month of sustainable development at the French Cultural Institute, from Moroccan, Tunisian and Lebanese nationalities, were keen to visit the pavilion of a youth foundation of youth loves Egypt and take  photos inside it.