Youth Loves Egypt foundation leads a Marathon in Alexandria

Youth Loves Egypt foundation participates in 15 days of actions to promote for COP26 in Glasgow and to call for climate justice towards the African continent.


In  Alexandria, Youth Loves Egypt foundation had organized a Marathon, for bicycles with the participation of 30 participants from  Alexandria, in collaboration with  Egypt bicycles and Cycle Egypt ,in the area between the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the historical Castle of Qaytbay; From the 15 days of actions prior to the Climate Summit held in Glasgow. as the Foundation is the national coordinator of the Pan African climate  Alliance for Climate Justice.

Such actions are taking place in the 45 African countries that are members of this Alliance. These actions are aimed at urging the leaders of the countries that are meeting, as well as the participants in the climate summit in Glaseco, to achieve climate justice for the African continent, in terms of the level of funding for action to adapt to climate change within the continent, Besides working to achieve what has not been achieved, at the 2019 Madrid Climate Summit.

This action is part of a series of actions carried out by the Foundation for the promotion and prelude to climate summit ,which the Foundation will be heading at the end of this month, in Glasgow, the largest city Scotland.

This action was chosen with the aim of promoting environmentally friendly sports that reduce carbon production. Alexandria was chosen because of its historical significance and its location on the Mediterranean coast, as well as the need to preserve our historical features.