the Minister of Planning and Economic Development meets Fathy in Cop26

On the sidelines of her participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow:

Today, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development meets with representatives of the African Climate Justice Alliance for Africa


Glasgow on November 11, 2021


Today, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, met with representatives of the African Climate Justice Alliance for Africa, one of the civil society organizations concerned with climate change, and Mr. Ahmed Fathy, Coordinator of the African Climate Alliance in Egypt and President of the Youth Love Egypt Foundation, and Representative Amira Saber, Member of Parliament, participated in the meeting. For the Coordination of Youth Parties and Politicians and member of the Alliance in Egypt, Mythica Munda, Executive Director of the African Climate Alliance, and Augustine Jamsha, Director of Policy at the African Climate Alliance.

During the meeting, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed emphasized Egypt's interest in coordinating with all stakeholders, by following a participatory approach that ensures the integration of efforts between the government, the private sector, civil society, youth, women, parliamentarians and others, to ensure the achievement of sustainable development, and Egypt's aspiration to coordinate with all actors - including In that civil society, in preparation for the next COP.

The meeting dealt with Egypt’s hosting of a representative of the African continent for the upcoming 27th Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh next year, and the coalition’s aspiration as a representative of African civil society to implement many activities in cooperation with the Egyptian government

The coordinator of the coalition in Egypt also dealt with coordinating the implementation of the first activities of the Climate Alliance in December of next month in Cairo, which will include representatives of the coalition in Egypt and representatives of the coalition from many African countries.

Representative Amira Saber spoke about the fact that next year will be the year of civil society in Egypt, and it is expected that this will empower civil society and open a door to opportunities and to highlight its pivotal role, especially in environmental issues and climate change.

The Executive Director of the Alliance also spoke about looking forward to starting work early in Egypt, which is considered the representative of Africa in hosting the climate summit, and that African civil society should prepare well and announce its plans early because in the event that this does not happen, someone will come to develop the plans for us that we implement within the African continent, as he added With his happiness, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi adopted the sustainable development agenda and spoke about the eligibility of African countries to support and development.

The Director of Policies of the African Alliance added that it is a good early start to announce Africa's readiness for the upcoming climate summit, through the event that will be implemented in December and the many events that will come successively in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, who has previously attended many meetings in that beautiful city, which he sees as Always ready to host major events.

It is worth noting that the African Climate Justice Alliance for Africa represents a network of civil society representatives in 40 African countries, and the coalition is interested in advancing the continent's priorities in relation to climate change, including the special needs and conditions of African countries as they are the most affected by the consequences of climate change