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Since 2012 till now : Environmental Activist , climate change expert, Founder of Youth Love Egypt Foundation , an accredited from UNEP and UNEP MAP partner it is Non - profit organization in the environmental field registered under number 8817 social solidarity Ministry.

Currently assuming several senior positions and actively involved in preparations for COP27. He is the National Coordinator of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PAJCA), the official focal point for World Cleanup Day in Egypt and a member of the Arab Youth Council for Climate Change. Has over 10 years of experience in working on climate and sustainable development issues. My experience is beyond the theoretical aspect of environmental issues thanks to my field activities both locally and Internationally. I have a strong track record in building strong relationships with colleagues, international stakeholders, and partners at all levels within the organization and externally with both government and non-government organizations. Currently assuming several senior positions and actively involved in preparations forCOP27. Being swept up with a genuine passion for environmental issues, my mission is to create solutions that integrate my passion for sustainability and green entrepreneurship into tangible climate action.

  • Member of the Arab youth Council for climate change based in UEA .
  • Official Co-host of COY17 responsible for Youth and volunteers
  • Member of the National initiative for green and smart projects launched by the Egyptian climate champion Dr Mohy Eldin


  • Youth love Egypt foundation is a non-profit organization working in the field of protecting the environment, youth and sustainable development. 
  • YLE  foundation is an accredited NGO from UNEP. 
  • YLE  foundation is a partner with UNEP MAP (Mediterranean Action plan).
  • YLE  foundation is a partner with UNICCAIRO - United Nations Information Centre.
  • Member at Global Environment Facility (GEF CSO Network.
  • Member at Global network of Civil Society organizations For Disaster Reduction (GNDR).
  • Member for PACJA The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance(PACJA).
  • YLE  foundation is the official focal point of the Let’s Do It movement in Egypt.

Youth love Egypt Vision:

Youth Love Egypt seeks to become over the next decade one of the most distinguished foundations on the regional and international level in promoting environment , education , tourism and community development. In addition to the rehabilitation of youth to meet the current challenges of SDGs.

Youth love Egypt Mission:

  • Protecting the environment
  • Conservation of biodiversity 
  • promoting tourism 
  • Empowering Youth
  • Renewable energy projects. 
  • Environmental awareness and education. 
  • Studies and applications of mainstreaming gender issues.

Certifications and accreditation

  • Youth love Egypt is Registered NGO from the Ministry of social solidarity  company to work in the field of  Environmental protection and services approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Environment(Registration number 8817/2012 ).
  • Accreditation  of the Foundation as an observer member of the United Nations Environment . (See annex )
  • Accreditation of the Foundation as an observer member of the Barcelona Convention for the Mediterranean. . (See annex )
  • Implementation of a project of plastic islands in cooperation with the Canadian Fund CLFI .
  • Implementing a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Environment to implement awareness activities in Fayoum reserves.