From Aswan to Damietta Egypt is to enter Guinness World Records with the longest cleanup on the Nile

From Aswan to Damietta Egypt is to enter Guinness World Records with the longest cleanup on the Nile

From Aswan to Rashid and Damietta...Egypt is coming close to enter Guinness World Records with the longest clean up campaign on the Nile River. 

13 Governorates ... 1300 volunteers...a wide scale repercussions .

Within the framework of Egypt's hosting of COP27 , Youth Love Egypt  Foundation organized, with the participation of 1300 volunteers in coordination with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and sponsorship of the Ministry of Local Development, and the participation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Climate Presidency, 27, in addition to support from its strategic sponsor The Commercial International Bank , and the Golden sponsors Coca-Cola  North Africa as well as its golden sponsor Thyssenkkrupp and Innovativa smart solutions and EverWave

The campaign witnessed the participation of 7 governors  and the Ambassador of UK in Egypt,  and Ambassador of Norway , as well as the UN Resident Representative , and a partnership with the Red Crescent in all governorates.

Representatives of The people Assembly Members of  the Coordination of Youth, Parties and Politicians Nader Mustafa, Ahmed Ramzy, Iman Al Alfi Rasha Fayez, Mohamed Ismail.

 The campaign also witnessed the participation of the members of  The Egyptian Alliance of Climate change amounting 33 that Youth Love Egypt has established last December. 

It is worth noting that a central operation room has been established with the Red Crescent to follow up all clean up activities in all governorates at the same time. (Aswan - Luxor - Qena - Sohag - Assiut - Minya - Beni Suef - Giza - Cairo  - Egypt - Gharbia - Dakahlia - Kafr El Sheikh - Damietta)

The clean up activities have been successfully carried out through boats , through using  nets to collect plastic waste floating on the Nile River, where 342 kilos of waste were extracted in Cairo site.

The Egyptian engineer, Hani Azer, participated in the campaign activities, which are planned  to enter the Guinness Book of Records within few days, to break a record for the longest clean up campaign on a water  corse in the world. The outcomes of these campaigns are to be shown in COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh.