The first activities of civil society participation in preparing for hosting the COP27

The first activities of civil society participation in preparing for hosting the COP27 climate conference:
The Minister of Environment inaugurates a civil society workshop for the Climate Change Agreement PAJA
Dr. Yasmine Fouad: Moving from the stage of commitments to actual implementation has become an urgent necessity
Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, inaugurated the civil society workshop for the PAJA Climate Change , which includes civil society representatives from African countries, as the first civil society participation event in preparation for hosting the COP27 climate conference from Cairo.
During her speech, Dr. Yasmine Fouad emphasized the Egyptian government's commitment to advancing the response to the effects of climate change under the umbrella of the Paris Agreement, explaining that the Egyptian government gives great importance to preparing to host the next COP27 climate conference in Sharm El Sheikh, where a higher committee was formed headed by the Prime Minister and with the membership of the relevant ministries. Whether at the organizational, logistical or technical level, to ensure that all the concerns that will eventually return to the Egyptian and global citizens are raised, and the Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs are keen to come up with a successful and comprehensive African conference with the participation of all parties.
The Minister of Environment put forward a set of ideas for discussion by civil society representatives to come up with proposals and ideas to be put forward at the climate conference, including ways to implement more national projects for adaptation that contribute to improving the lives of citizens, especially Africans, while linking climate change with other environmental challenges, and their role in linking these ideas to local communities. As they are closer and aware of their problems, ways to solve them, and the challenges and opportunities they face, and linking this to the global process to confront climate change.
The minister called on civil society representatives to think about ways to come up with the upcoming COP27 climate conference as a pioneering model for a conference that unites the African voice, and is able to put forward real and viable ideas, including collecting and listing the actual projects that have actually been implemented to adapt to the effects of climate change, which can be applied in Africa and other countries. Others, which will benefit a greater number of citizens, ensure the integration of women and provide job opportunities, link climate change and the conservation of biodiversity, especially with the natural resources owned by the African continent and on which its economy depends greatly, and propose mechanisms to link these projects and ideas to the political process of the conference.
She also indicated the necessity of presenting human stories related to climate change to encourage the world to speed up the shift from words to implementation, and called on civil society representatives to meet again in a workshop in 2022, and to visit one of the nature reserves "Saluga and Ghazal" in Aswan as an example of linking biodiversity to climate change. Climate, which is one of the important topics for discussion at the conference.
This came during a workshop on the outcomes of the Climate Summit in Glasgow and the way to the Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, which is organized by the African Climate Alliance and their national representative in Egypt, Youth Love Egypt Foundation during the period from 12-18 December, where the Foundation launched the Specific Consortium for Changes Climate Change "The Egyptian Federation for Climate Change", with the participation of more than 25 associations and institutions, and the last period witnessed building the capacities of more than 25 Egyptian NGO.